Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dental Challenges

Diana has a pretty healthy mouth. She had an abscessed tooth when she was little that required extraction, and that required anesthesia, and the cost of that required that we get a little financial assistance. Since then, she's had no problems... until now.

Her awesome dentist* was able to get an x-ray of her mouth, curious to see where the adult tooth (to replace the last baby tooth in her mouth) was. What he saw was that it was growing sideways in her upper palate, and pushing on her front teeth. Oh, and she has wisdom teeth coming in. (sigh) He wants a CT scan to get a better picture of what that impacted tooth is doing, and for us to discuss the probable extractions of those teeth with the oral surgeon. That's the adventure for today.

The good news is, we're in a much better place financially than we were 10 years ago. The bad news is that for anesthesia, they're probably going to want bloodwork first (they did last time), and that will mean holding her down for the blood draw. And she's bigger and stronger and I don't know if I can do it. That was pretty traumatizing for us both.

I've been trying to explain to her what's happening today, small bites, repeated, hoping that once we're in the office she will be ready for it. I may be more anxious than she is, to be honest, and I'm doing my best not to let it show.

UPDATE: The good news is that the oral surgeon seems every bit as nice as her dentist, and they was able to get a CT scan in about 30 seconds (my husband had to marvel over the technology a bit). The bad news is holy cow is that gonna be expensive! Here's hoping insurance doesn't decide to dig in their feet over "medical necessity" again.

* I cannot recommend Dr. Steve Kuhn highly enough. He and the whole staff are worth the long drive we have to make, because he's just freakin' fantastic.