Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Last night we had our party, as dictated by her. She wanted us to have hats, horns, balloons... and popcorn. Not clear on what was so "party" about popcorn, but I made it anyway, and she was happy. My husband commented, on hearing her with a party horn, that was the loudest noise he had ever heard her purposefully make. While the dog wasn't keen on that, she seemed to be having a marvelous time with it.

I'm not sure whether or not Diana understands the concept of resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves and break... I'd actually call that a lucky thing; she doesn't have the disappointment of not following through with them.

My hope for the coming year is to help her become a little more self-sufficient. (Hungry? Make some lunch.) We've tried in the past, but often it's so much easier (and faster) to do it for her, when what we're really doing is hobbling her. That needs to stop. So she will be doing more cooking, more cleaning, more chores, and she won't like it, or me, for it. But maybe someday she will recognize why and understand.

While I am busy with my own chores this morning (whoops, afternoon already!), I'm considering ways that will make it easier for her to do for herself. Things like putting the frozen chicken nuggets in a freezer container with the instructions printed on the container -- the zip-top bag doesn't close very well, and rather than have her struggle to get it closed, a container with a lid would be much easier, and might even make the freezer better organized. Tiny things like that, working toward her own sense of accomplishment and independence, that's my goal for her this year.

 Happy 2013!

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