Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fish Blanket..?

For some reason, Diana has been talking about a "fish blanket." Yesterday, I finally got her to show me what she meant online. (Here's what she found, no idea how she found it.) Today we hit JoAnn's in hopes of finding fabric she approved of for her own fish blanket.

Naturally, fish-themed fabric was scarce. My husband managed to find some that she approved of in the quilting fabrics, I got some flannel to back it, and used a fleece remnant for batting. (I am never using satin blanket binding again. I've used it twice now, and both times had nothing but trouble with the sewing machine.) 

After washing the fabric, I discovered that the flannel shrank more than the fish fabric, so that caused some aggravation until I determined that the binding would cover that issue. I did some very basic machine quilting, added the binding, and two hours later, she has her fish blanket.

I just used the width of the fabric and a yard and a quarter length.
It's a decent size for curling up with on the couch,
but she's added it to her collection.

She's happy with it. But I really hope she doesn't get it in her head that I need to make her a blanket for every single whim she has...

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