Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sea Change

Last night, on a whim, I asked Diana if she wanted some grapes with her cheese taco dinner, fully expecting her to say no. Imagine my surprise when she said yes! Then she ate one before she ate anything else. Then she refused to share any. Then she ate them all! Now imagine me trying not to make a big deal out of this, and make her refuse to eat anything healthy ever again.

This morning, I asked her if she wanted some grapes in her lunch. She tends to mumble, so she had to repeat herself a couple of times before I was certain she'd said yes. While she ate her frozen waffle breakfast (bleh, I know, but that's what she wants), I showed her a snack bag with about a dozen grapes in it. "This many grapes, or more?" "More." *gasp* Her lunch is 2 cheese tacos, a Nutri-grain strawberry fruit bar, a stick of string cheese, a treat (fun-size M&Ms or Hershey Bar) and a thermos of water -- every school day. If she wants to add grapes to that, I am completely OK with it!

Her response to "Smile!"

She's been eating a Flintstones vitamin with iron, because her pediatrician determined that she's slightly anemic. And eating them without complaint! She's been really good about eating corn, both on the cob and off. (Which reminds me, I want to do some research about prepping corn on the cob for the freezer...) This ready acceptance of the grapes is awesome! She's been asking for various felt foods, and because of the lack of griping about the vitamins and eating corn, I've been making the stuff without the caveat of trying something new first. The point wasn't necessarily to make her eat something new in exchange, but to get her to vary her diet, and add some plant material to it, which she has done. Maybe this is a sea change for her. Her diet is still limited, but if she's willing to add things, even slowly, that's growth! I'm proud of her.

2D felt food, lots of it.
3D felt food.
Prouder of some of it more than others...

She takes a real interest in her Foods & Nutrition class at school, so maybe that's got more to do with it than anything I'm doing at home, I don't know. Even though she expresses a real desire to cook, at home she's pretty reluctant to do anything. Maybe I'm not patient enough, or the things I'm doing are too complicated (too many steps, too long before the payoff). Maybe we should be making the recipes from her class (which come home as classwork papers). I should start collecting those papers into her own cookbook, in a binder, with page protectors. I think I have to run out and get felt the right color to make popcorn (yes, she asked me for felt popcorn), so I can get the binder and sheet protectors then.

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