Sunday, November 27, 2011

iPad as Communication Device

My husband and I were rethinking our firm stance on assisstive tech for our daughter.  We reasoned that she tends to take the easy way out of a task she doesn't want to do (who among us...) and having something that could literally speak for her might eliminate her spoken language since she'd no longer have to. This, in spite of some research that claims the opposite - that such devices actually increase the language in kids who are verbal.

I sent her teacher an email, since her IEP was coming up, asking if we could add that (getting her something for AAC - Augmentative and Adaptive Communication) to the meeting's agenda. Not too much later, I got a phone call from the speech therapist who works with her at school, saying we could get her evaluated before the meeting, and then add those findings and/or goals to the IEP. My husband ran over to the school to sign the permission slip for the eval, and the woman came and observed Diana the next day (our school district does not screw around!). Her recommendation was for her to use an iPad, with the TouchChat with WordPower bundled app. Using money set aside in her savings account, we bought it, and the Griffin Technology "Survivor" case - military spec! in pink! - since she's going to be hauling it around.

She's used it some, mostly she's played with it. My husband disabled a bunch of functions, so she won't be able to websurf when she's supposed to be paying attention to a lesson. I hope this is useful to her, I truly do, otherwise I guess I'll have an iPad of my own. *sigh*

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