Thursday, June 18, 2009

Counting Blankets

Diana is so weird...

For some reason, at bedtime, she feels the need to sleep under every blanket in the house that she can snag, including doll-sized ones. It wasn't so bad in the winter, because I knew she'd be warm if she stayed under them, but now summer's coming and she will roast come July.

First the little blankets, then the rest, counting them all one at a time "ONE blanket, TWO blankets..." We're up to nineteen and a "fuzzy" - the baby blanket that was once the softest fleece in pale pastels, now thin and worn and greyish in spite of washings.

She doesn't always stay under them once tucked in, and I'm hoping that once it gets warmer, she will stay out from under them and sleep on the big, lumpy instead. Someone should maybe explain that the Princess slept on top of layers of mattresses, not under layers of blankets...

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