Thursday, June 18, 2009

Counting Blankets

Diana is so weird...

For some reason, at bedtime, she feels the need to sleep under every blanket in the house that she can snag, including doll-sized ones. It wasn't so bad in the winter, because I knew she'd be warm if she stayed under them, but now summer's coming and she will roast come July.

First the little blankets, then the rest, counting them all one at a time "ONE blanket, TWO blankets..." We're up to nineteen and a "fuzzy" - the baby blanket that was once the softest fleece in pale pastels, now thin and worn and greyish in spite of washings.

She doesn't always stay under them once tucked in, and I'm hoping that once it gets warmer, she will stay out from under them and sleep on the big, lumpy instead. Someone should maybe explain that the Princess slept on top of layers of mattresses, not under layers of blankets...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IT Finally Happened

I debated whether to post something so personal... and decided that other parents might actually benefit from it so I am. If she wasn't autistic, she'd be mortified: Diana got her period. Of the three of us, I think my husband, AKA Daddy, was the most discombobulated by this new development.

Diana accepted the explanation of "big girls sometimes need Band-Aids" with no anxiety or fear. I put the pad (the Band-Aid) in her underpants and off she went. In fact, she was much more upset when I told her just now that she didn't need a new one. So now she's going to be all sad and out of sorts because I won't let her wear one she doesn't need. In fact, she just came up to me and said, pitifully, "Diana is soooo sad."

I have not yet explained the facts of life to her, because she's not intellectually mature enough to understand what she's being told. She's not even mature enough to hear my very simplified version, that she only needs to wear it for a few days a month, when she bleeds. She's now crying and whining and using her repetitive speech to comfort herself. *sigh* So I gave in, put a pad in her pants, and told her no Band-Aid tomorrow. I was so surprised at her easy acceptance of the pad, it never occurred to me that NOT having it would present a problem.

Interestingly, she got hers right before I got mine. I'll have to continue to watch and see if our cycles continue to mesh. It will certainly make things a little easier to predict, since I can feel the "symptoms" and recognize them, even if she can't yet.