Monday, March 30, 2009

'Nother Photo Book

Shutterfly really makes it fun and easy to share photos. For my dad's birthday, I made a photo book of some of my favorite pics of his only granddaughter, whom he's quite goofy over. Dad's Diana's biggest fan. *shaking head* It's rather scary; he'd buy her a pony if she asked for one. (Thank all that's holy that she has not!)

Anyway, I used about 50 of my favorite pictures, including most of the ones at the top of the blog (but in color), and some of the two of them together. (Thought he'd appreciate them most of all.) They're not all the highest quality, but Shutterfly makes even my somewhat pixelated low-rez shots look as good as they can. I think he'll love it. Diana does!

It's funny; she loves looking at pictures of herself. She may have to arm-wrestle Grandpa for his birthday present... as if! He'd probably let her have it - if that starts to look like a possibility, I'll just order another one for her.

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