Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Survived Xmas

Diana has a lot of xmas to celebrate this year, since we celebrated the Solstice here at home, then Christmas at my in-laws, then Christmas again that weekend at my folks. There was much avarice. But in spite of the sensory overload, she was very even-keeled and well-behaved through it all. (Better, frankly, than her neurotypical cousins...)

She had me paint her nails red, and I added green dots for the holiday. Yesterday, we finally changed that out. They were looking pretty raggedy, so now she's sporting rainbow nails. Seven colors, one color per nail. I caught her looking at them with satisfaction off and on all evening, yesterday.

All I can say is, thank all that's holy that the holidays are over for another year. 'Course, now she's talking about the presents she wants for Easter...