Sunday, November 23, 2008


[cue dramatic echo]!

When Diana can't find a video she has carelessly mislaid (or has stopped working and been thrown out), conniptions are had. She's been watching Sesame Street on video, nearly to the exclusion of anything else since she was a toddler. I had hoped we'd "graduate" to something a little older for her by now - she's 11 - but alas, no. She stacks the VHS tapes like bricks sometimes, hoards them like a kid with Hallowe'en candy in March, and knows what video it is 5 seconds into the tape's running, just by the opening stuff. She knows them all by heart. Every. Last. One of them.

Tonight, she decided she wanted Learning to Share. I got her out of the bath, and was preparing her hair for all the ribbons and stuff she wants installed there, when she said she wanted that video after I was done. (Spoken in Dianese, of course, it sounded more like "first ponytail, then Learning to Share.") So I asked my husband if he could find it amongst the pile of tapes at the foot of our bed (where she watches them, on the only working VCR in the house), while I fixed her hair. No luck. *sigh* Unsurprisingly, she's not happy about this. So I ordered a used copy from for 80¢, and got expedited shipping.

Her other thing is to request the book-and-tape sets advertised on the VHS tapes at the end of the shows. Not only are VHS tapes obsolete, but the cassette tapes mentioned are, too. How do you explain obsolescence to a child, let alone one with autism?! *SIGH* 

And to make things even more exciting, she has a weird, itchy rash. No fever, appetite is normal, so I don't know what this is, unless it's an allergic reaction to something. I'll keep her home tomorrow unless it's faded, since I don't know what it is, and try to get her into the doc first thing. 

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