Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I think Diana is hypnotizing her teachers. There's no other explanation for why every parent/teacher conference or conversation is the same. "She makes us laugh." "She's a lot of fun." "She tries to manipulate us when she can." etc. They all claim to love her, are defensive of her when I comment (affectionately!!!) that she's rotten, and talk about how much they miss her whenever she's not in class. Clearly, these experienced teachers are all mesmerized by something my kid's done, and now she's gained control of the class, or at least the teachers. It's weird! 

I adore my child. I am "lucky" enough to see her at her best AND worst. Apparently, she's mostly at her best at school - this is a good thing! But even if she's well-behaved and hardworking, that doesn't account for the humor and affection I hear in their voices when she does something not-so-good (like stealing one teacher's lunch or figuring out that the spell check was on while she did a spelling test). How does she do it?? Even when she misbehaves, has a fit, or refuses to do something, they all act like she's the funniest kid in the class! *sigh* I swear, if not for the autism, she'd be the most dangerous politician the world has seen.

Same track, different train; her first quarter report card was quite excellent, especially for being in a new building, and a higher stress level: 4 As, 4Bs.

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