Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy Moly... That's a LOT of Dolls

Diana LOVES the Groovy Girls dolls. For that matter, so do I. I love the multicolor, multiethnic, positively themed soft dolls. Major kudos to Manhattan Toy for this line. Diana has the same sort of thoughts on collections as I do: she needs all of them. So, periodically, I have to do a "census" of the girls (and a few Groovy Boys), to update the list of the ones she has and give the list to Mom for when she does her shopping.

I needed to do something to get these dolls to where they were off the floor, where she could see them and play with them, and where they would take up the least amount of room. I got an over-the-door shoe rack to hang on her bedroom door, and thought I could make it work. Here are the photos:

Here's the ersatz doll rack, Diana crouched in front of it. Note that it's hanging on the outside of her door. She decided a while back that she couldn't stand to have her door closed at night, and since her room tends to have the biggest temperature extremes in the house, with the door open, it's not as bad. And yes, that is a tree painted on the wall in the corner, and a beaded curtain hanging in front of her doorway. (We discovered that the rattle of the beaded curtain acts as an "early warning" device when she leaves her room, either late at night or early in the morning. Handy!)

Closer view of my doll with all of her dolls. I wonder how much of Diana's hairstyle was inspired by Groovy Girls?
Side view, from the hallway (beaded curtain pulled back). The shoe rack is designed to hold 18 pairs, or 36 shoes. With 69 dolls on the rack, not all of them fit into the loops. That includes three dolls that have duplicates. There is a 70th doll who's MIA. I know she has it, I just couldn't find it to hang her with the others.

So again I say... Holy Moly - that's a LOT of dolls!

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