Friday, October 17, 2008

Went to the Movies

Yesterday, Diana's class has a field trip to the theater. I'm not sure I 100% approve of using school time for movies, and I'm not sure I approve of the movie they saw (The Express), and I was more than a little apprehensive about Diana's ability to tolerate Surround Sound. But the way my husband and I saw it, if it was a disaster, better on the teacher's head than ours. 

We've never taken her to the movies because of her auditory sensitivity, her lack of patience, her apparent inability to sit still for that long, and her distaste of crowds; in short, sensory overload. So, at 11, she saw her first movie, and it was about Ernie Davis, the first black Heisman Trophy winner. My little girl's first movie in a theater was about football and civil rights. And according to her teacher, she "was WONDERFUL! No problems at all, in fact I think she really enjoyed herself." Of course this was a field trip with her class, she had her own popcorn to munch, and fidgits that her teacher brought along for emergencies. If we tried to take her to a movie, it may be another story entirely... but it's a start. I worried for nothing, and frankly, I'm glad. I didn't want her to have a bad time, I just didn't want to be the one in charge if she did. *smile* I have had more than enough of those experiences, thanks.

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