Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Things You Do as a Parent...

"Circle pizza?" my daughter requests.
"Sausage or cheese?" I asked her. 
"Cheese pizza!"

So I cook my little monster a cheese pizza on the Pizza Pizzazz (we use this appliance a lot). When it's finished, I cut it in half, preparing to slice it into eighths. "I want circle pizza?" Her voice rises in a question, even if she's making a statement. "You want the pieces in circles?" "Yes." She's definite on that.

I learned something this afternoon: You cannot use a biscuit cutter to cut a crisp crust pizza. The best you can manage is to create an outline in the cheese to follow with the pizza wheel.

I informed her she had to eat the little pieces, too, the pieces left over from the circle-cutting. (Which she did.) She's well on her way to eating the whole thing, in fact. Poor underfed thing... *rolling eyes*

In the past, I have also made rectangle pizza, square pizza and triangle pizza. Circle pizza is the most challenging - at least until the day she asks me for "Star pizza, Mommy!"

My husband looks at me with indulgent sympathy, "You're a good mom." Or a crazy one.

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