Monday, October 6, 2008

Small Steps to Independence

Diana still needs assistance with her shoes, she can't tie a bow in the laces. She needs help getting dressed because she can't be bothered with details like proper undergarments (bra) and clean clothes, simply grabbing whatever comes to hand. She can't bathe herself (more like won't). But even in the face of all the "can'ts" there are a lot of "cans": She's learned to use the microwave to reheat her favorite meal (pizza), and the toaster to make a favorite snack (Eggo waffles). She's using the toilet almost independently. She *can* get dressed on her own, even if what she chooses isn't 100% appropriate.

She asks for help when she needs it, using nearly complete sentences and clear language most of the time. There are lots of things that neurotypical 11-year-olds can do that Diana can't. But given that many of her peers are also ill-behaved little hellions, I think I'll keep the one I've got, even if it means extra work for me. ; )

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