Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of the Lesser Known Disadvantages

Because of Diana's language limitations, it is sometimes hard for her to tell us what's wrong. This evening, she came to me hunched over, one hand on her belly, and asked "Does your tummy hurt?" I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom, and she whined "yeah" and went to the bathroom with no results.

When my husband got home, he asked how long she'd been that way (not long), and asked if she had a temp. I didn't think so but he took her temp with an underarm digital. (She wasn't feverish.) I felt around on her belly and she didn't flinch or complain, so I don't think it's her appendix, but it could be menstrual cramps... I gave her some Motrin and she's much happier now. 

It's really hard when we can't ask her questions and expect detailed answers. She's a lot more verbal than many autistic kids are, so we actually have an easier time than some. But it's still a little frustrating and sometimes scary when we don't know what's wrong and she can't tell us.

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