Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Lone Voice of Disapproval

The Kirton family has 6 kids, all of whom are on the spectrum. They live in a 1100 square-foot 3 bedroom home with one bathroom.

Get your poison pens ready, because I'm going to be honest enough to say that I think what they have done is selfish and irresponsible. According to their site, they didn't know that their children had issues until the last one was born (they wanted to have a "larger than average family" and kept having children until "that feeling was gone").

We have one child on the spectrum and made a conscious decision not to have more children when she was diagnosed. We have a 1000 square-foot home with 1 1/2 baths, and feel crowded. I would have liked to have another child, but we decided that it wasn't safe to risk another child (possible more severely impacted) with autism, because then someone would get shortchanged. I felt I had my hands full enough with the child we had, and since many of the responsibilities fall to me, the burden would have been largely mine. Add to that, the financial cost, the lack of space, the lack of time to ourselves as a couple...

The Kirton's are "hanging in there by the grace of God," but if they'd just stopped having kids, they wouldn't have to rely on the grace of God and the kindness (and donations) of strangers. In this day and age, in this financial climate, big families just don't make sense.

I don't think they deserve any more attention and financial support than the McCaughey (septuplet) family. No one forced them to have those kids, and I don't believe God had any more to do with those kids' autism than he did mine. It's irresponsible, not admirable.

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