Sunday, August 10, 2008

Travel Journal/Scrapbook

Diana's teacher and speech therapist put together a very simple travel journal for her to write what she did while on vacation. This was for when we took her out of school, she wasn't leaving school work completely behind. We had to postpone the trip, so she never did the journal, even though I did take it with us when we went in July.

I got the idea to give her for her birthday a scrapbook of her trip, partially finished, that she can add to with her own journal entries. I'll need to find some suggestions online for open-ended sentences like her 2-3 grade teacher used in class, that Diana came up with such unique responses. I don't have pictures of every last thing we did, so will need to rely on her journal for some things.

I have no idea how she will respond to this. Maybe it will be a big waste of my time - gods know other things have been - but she's really surprising me lately with all her coloring and creativity, so maybe this won't be a waste after all. I have to try. Once it's all done, I'll add some pictures here.

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