Thursday, August 28, 2008

So Far, So Good

The first week of school is nearly over, and so far, there have been no issues that I know of. She did come home with a box of crayons that were not hers. I sent them back with a note to that affect, and was told that she had had them all day, and they thought they were hers. I hope they rightful owner has them back...

She's having to get up almost a half-hour earlier than last year, and she's used to staying up later all summer. We're all struggling to get used to the change. She gets on the bus enthusiastically, and has been coming home in a good mood. I can't ask for much more than that the first week.

*sigh* I just put her on the bus. She's wearing a yellow t-shirt and green shorts, I had given her green socks (that she did put on) and told her to put on her sneakers. When the bus arrived, she was wearing orange socks, and her new pink shoes (metallic ballet flats). We're going to have to squash just a bit of her enthusiasm, or she's going to get picked on. *sigh*

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