Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 11th!

Today my "baby" turned 11, officially. (We celebrated on Saturday, with her grandparents.) School starts on Monday, and then my party will begin.

Got a call yesterday from her speech therapist: she's leaving the clinic. Since Diana started therapy, the clinic has had a revolving door of speech therapists. I think this one makes 4 or 5. I'm a little disgusted, frankly; either the clinic needs to pay better, or they need to hire therapists with more experience (who earn more), so that this is not an issue. They don't have a therapist to take Becky's place (again, as usual), so D will be without a speech therapist other than what she gets at school for god-knows-how-long. She will backslide when she does get a new therapist, because each new person has their own way of doing things, and it takes her a while to get to know them and work with them. Plus there's her own anguish of getting to know and like a therapist, only to have them leave (again). I'm not convinced it's worth the aggravation. Maybe I can do at home what they do, without the gas expenditure and revolving door issues.

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