Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going to the County Fair

Diana has been begging to go to the fair for months. She's never been to one, and I'm not entirely certain what prompted the desire to go this year, but all she's done since the weather turned warm has been to ask to go. So today we're heading for the Kankakee County Fair, figuring 1) it's the last weekend for that fair, and it may not be as crowded, 2) it's not going to be as crowded as some of the other area county fairs because it's more rural, 3) it's not supposed to be as hot today. If I'm wrong about #1, I hope #2 cancels that out. 

I hope this new experience goes as well as the flying one. Maybe we'll even go on some rides... My fear is that she'll get sensory-overloaded and want to leave immediately. We've been down that road before. But she asked (demanded?), so we'll try it. I'll have photos later, and a full report.

To be continued...

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