Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dentist Visit NOT an Ordeal

Diana went through with her appointment like it was (almost) nothing. She had Daddy with her to help - she's better with him with teeth for some reason - and Dr. Steve had hardly any fuss to deal with at all. She did not care for the grape fluoride treatment, and as soon as that hit her mouth she was done. No cavities, and everything looks great, he said. *whew!*

We will have to be better about getting her to cooperate with brushing. Because she had no cavities this time is no guarantee that the trend will continue. Thank all-that's-holy she only drinks water! 

Right now, she and M. are enjoying their Thursday "date" as they do every week. A trip to the mall, and lately, the comic book store. *shrug* Neither of us know what that's about, but apparently she thinks the manager is a super hero. Laurie finds that funny. How could you not? Outed by a 10-year-old autistic kid! Super heroes: Protect your secret identities!

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